Policies on the Wiki

  1. DO NOT spam pages and blogs with nonsense, emotes or links.
  2. DO NOT make any multiple account on this wiki.
  3. DO NOT harrass or offend others.
  4. DO NOT use vulgar language or swear.

Chat Policies

  1. NO spamming (this includes repeatedly posting emotes, posts or links).
  2. NO swearing or use vulgar language.
  3. NO requests for becoming a staff member on chat. You must earn it.
  4. NO harassing other users. This includes asking for ages/names, and mocking them.
  5. DO NOT overuse capitals. This is considered yelling and it is considered rude. Using it once in a sentence to add impact is fine.
  6. DO NOT act like a mod if there is already a staff member in chat. Only act like mod when you have permission from staff.
  7. DO NOT disobey staff in chat. They will always have the final say. The staff can be identified by a gold star next to their name.
  8. ALWAYS take the interest of other users over yours. If it is obvious that the rest of the chat does not appreciate what you are doing, then stop.
  9. NO links to any inapropriate sites or pictures.
  10. DO NOT ask to be in the story. There is a forum for that.
  11. NO ads for blogs or another wiki.
  12. DO NOT role play.


Staff can take 3 actions to you if you break the rules:

  • Warning = Staff will warn you for your action
  • Kicking = This means to get booted from chat. You can return to chat afterwards. If you get kicked 3 times a day, you will get banned.
  • Banning = You will be kicked from the chat and unable to return for a particular length of time depending on what you did. The lengths go as followed:
    • 2 Hours (Spamming)
    • 24 Hours (Spamming)
    • 3 Days (Spamming/Swearing)
    • 1 Week (Swearing/Abuse/Harassment)
    • 1 Month (Severe Swearing/Abuse/Harassment)
    • PermaBan/Forever/Chat Disable (Doing all of the above constantly, after being warned)
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